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When the persistent symptoms of a seasonal or chronic allergy become too much to handle, Nghia Nguyen, MD can help. At Comprehensive Ear Nose Throat in Huntington Beach, California, Dr. Nguyen offers allergy evaluation and testing to identify the precise cause of your symptoms and provides preventive options, including routine allergy shots, to reduce their occurrence. Learn more about treating and preventing allergies by calling the office or booking an appointment online.

Allergy Q & A

What is an allergy?

An allergy is your body’s overreaction to a substance that poses no real threat but that your body considers harmful. Your immune system creates antibodies that respond to allergens and trigger symptoms of an allergic reaction.

There are several potential allergens that may affect your health, including:

  • Food
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Insect bites
  • Latex and other synthetics

Your risk for experiencing or developing allergies may be higher if you have a family member with allergies or you have a history of asthma.

What are the symptoms of an allergy?

Allergic reactions can range from mild to severe and, in some cases, can be life-threatening. Depending on your specific triggers, you may experience one or more of the following:

  • Sneezing
  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Skin rash

Serious allergic reactions can cause trouble breathing and swelling in your throat. If you experience anaphylaxis, a severe and life-threatening reaction, seek immediate medical treatment to prevent serious health complications and even death.

How are allergies diagnosed?

Initially, Dr. Nguyen discusses your lifestyle and history of allergy symptoms to determine the types of allergens that may be causing a reaction.

To identify your specific triggers, he offers a variety of testing options, including skin testing. This is a simple, painless procedure that introduces common allergens into your body through a needle prick, which allows Dr. Nguyen to see your body’s reaction. If you do test positive for an allergen, your skin produces a red, itchy welt, similar to a mosquito bite.

What are the treatment options for allergies?

Dr. Nguyen may recommend lifestyle changes to help you avoid contact with potential allergens, such as staying indoors when the pollen count is high and vacuuming your floors frequently to reduce dust in your home.  

To control chronic allergy symptoms, Dr. Nguyen may recommend daily over-the-counter or prescription medications. He may also suggest immunotherapy, a series of injections that contain purified allergens that gradually desensitize your body to known allergens.  

Dr. Nguyen also helps you create an emergency plan in the event of sudden anaphylaxis. He may prescribe medication that you can use to prevent an unexpected reaction to insect bites, food, or other environmental triggers.

Stop suffering from the symptoms of chronic allergies — call or book an appointment online today.