Chronic Sinusitis Case Study

The patient is 53 year old male, an Executive Vice President of a company in Irvine California. He presented with a long history of postnasal drip, facial pain, headache, nasal obstruction. He has had multiple episodes of acute sinus infections over the years. He failed multiple courses of medical treatment including antibiotics, nasal steroid, oral steroid, and antihistamine. His symptoms are interfering with his lifestyle and work.

Workup included CTscan of the sinuses, nasal endoscopy.
Finding included nasal polyps, nasal mucosal inflammation, postnasal mucus.

Treatment: Due to his failure to respond to medical therapy, an in-office procedure of removal of polyps and balloon dilation was performed under stereotatic guidance.

Post-treatment: The patient reported resolution of headache, facial pain; he was able to breathe better. He was also tested for allergy, and he has been getting allergy shots to maintain long term improvement.

Patient's CT Scan:




Dr. Nguyen, M.D. Sinus Care Center, Board Certified Sinus Surgeon (714) 847-9677. Certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology. Operates at Comprehensive Ear Nose Throat in Huntington Beach.

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